Platform for UAS operations in Tirana FIR

ACAA (Albanian Civil Aviation Authority) is the first in the Western Balkans to adopt the EU regulation on UAS 2019/945 and 2019/947. Further, Albania will be the first country to set the rules and implement the Remote ID platform (in line with 2021/664,665,666), as part of the UTM strategy. During that phase, we are offering UAS operators and other airspace users “platform for UAS operations” which will enable safe and efficient integration into ATM (Air Traffic Management) & ASM (Airspace management) and when situation will allow finally UTM (UAS-Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management) and U-space management.

The Platform enables monitoring UAS operations and give limitation/warnings to UAS operators according to controlled airspace/zones where manned aircraft operate. In same time show other restricted or reserved airspace for other airspace users (state-military, police, FF, rescue services, air clubs, etc) assuring safe drone operations and avoiding potential hazards in the air.