Welcome to Albadron situation overview

The map displays the situation in Albanian airspace/FIR Tirana.

It includes reservations, permanently active zones, AMC Manageable Areas (AMA) and drone reservations made through the Albadron platform.

For more information according to Law and regulation, Click on the link: https://albadron.com/en/rules/

How to use?

To overwiev airspace situation use map on the left to select active reservations or zone.

If you wont to use airspace for UAS operations, first of all you have to register.

After registration and log in you are ready tu select airspace for UAS operations.

After loggin click to create reservation.

No selection

To select zone and aquire more information click on the zone(s) on map on the left.

Access Denied

You don't have permission to create reservations.

Please log in.